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Steam Cleaning Carpets

Steam Cleaning Carpets

Keep your carpets fresh and hygienic with a professional steam clean.

Steam cleaning is recommended by carpet manufacturers as the best way to clean and protect carpets.

We recommend one steam clean per year to remove soil build-up and keep your carpets fresh and hygienic. Carpeted areas where there’s heavy foot traffic, pets or small children may need to be steam cleaned every six months.

How we steam clean your carpets:

  1. Corner protection is placed in doorway to protect walls and doorways from bumps and markings
  2. Curtains and drapes are covered to ensure they are kept clean throughout the process
  3. A thorough vacuum of your carpet will be done with an industrial strength machine
  4. Skirting Boards are wiped clean
  5. Spot treatment of particularly bad stains
  6. Carpet is sprayed with a specialised carpet cleaning chemical, agitated deep into the carpet pile and left to bond with the soil for a short time
  7. Warm water is then injected into the carpet via a high pressure jet spray and then immediately extracted, along with the soil, dust and grime hiding in your carpets
  8. Furniture is then replaced and clear plastic squares and foam blocks are placed under the legs of furniture to prevent transfer of soil and allow for adequate drying
  9. Carpet is groomed and deodorized

The steam cleaning process we use at Fine Touch Cleaning involves a powerful truck mounted machine for a more thorough carpet steam cleaning.

We offer professional carpet cleaning for homes and businesses. Contact us for a quote.

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